Readings are given by Richard Alkhemistery - using ancient astrology techniques

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30 mins Reading  39

Needing any quick advice or wanting to learn more about yourself, or perhaps wanting to learn more about your spiritual path, or any current issues, relationships, trauma, work, business, relationships in short.

30 Mins Reading 

1 hour  Reading £70.00

 I will be looking into your chart for 1 hour prior to the reading to give a deeper depth and accuracy, exact dates to events regarding current issues, spiritual path, relationships, trauma, work, relationships, debts, cases, deep routed issues.

Plus Gemstone Remedies and more depending on the needs of your chart


1 hour Reading

30 Mins Monthly Reading £39

I will study your chart with great detail like the GOLD reading.

For those genuine seekers on the spiritual path, the monthly readings, will gradually give you the synthesis, & higher understanding to your higher self threw out the various planets.  the benefits of these readings is to gradually re-wire the mind to its  true essence towards enlightenment

in addition it will also insight you towards the various events of every month, followed by gradually learning and understanding your birth chart, so you can gain deeper understanding of your self.

the monthly reading are limited to a selected few, so that I may give my full attention towards your birth chart.

you may cancel your subscription at any time. the benefits of subscribing to this package will allow me to study your birth chart with great detail, accuracy in predicting dates of events in your life in effect, it will help to produce beneficial results towards enlightenment

 Monthly Readings

Genuine Real Astrology'' Why ?''

'The basic of astrology you know today, is just a watered drained down version of the true divine science of the mystics. If you really think you are your sun sign, I will make a clear statement that you are not ! it is easily proven with astronomy, mixed with Astrology.



When the moon is full, are emotions are intensified, everything is amplified. The moon effect's the tides of the oceon, therefore it will also have an impact on the movement of blood running threw every cell in our body


1 hour Gold Reading £150

The gold reading, is a very technical reading it involves remedies, psychological analysis, it also includes deep routed issues, spiritual path, trauma, work, relationships, I will also look into your chart 2 hour prior to the reading, plus any specific question must be asked earlier prior to the reading in order to see exact prediction. 

Gold Reading

Transit Reading

The Transits are auto generated written reading  to give you a simple description on what the month ahead will bring for you based on your date and time of birth.

20 Yearly Transit 

Transit written Reading

Time rectification Reading

Having difficulty figuring out your time of birth, we can identify and rectify your time of birth by simply asking a series of questions


Time Rectification

           ''A master rules his stars and a fool is ruled by them''


Main Website30 Mins Reading1 hour ReadingGold Reading

Astrology Readings (reading are made via whatsapp or on the phone) - scroll down below for prices -

Most people are concerned about their zodiac sign or birth sign, but it actually goes deeper !

when we delve into astrology we come to find out the inner depth, of our soul. We can verify and investigate how other planets, interact with our own being once we have the inner standing of them.                Watch The rest of the video below......Who Are You ?



The Secret Behind the moon and the mind ?

Beginners Astrology Crash Course

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When the sun sets in the evening, you will prepare for sleep, and adjust for the night, but as the sun rises in the morning you will feel refreshed for the new day, if that is the case, what are the subtle effect's of other planets on our inner being.


the planetary effect will occur so subtlety, that we may wonder why certain thing's happen unexpectedly to us, because you are a reflection of me I will discuss and analyse your full horoscope birth chart to the depth to uncover the mystery of your life.


1 Hour  Reading - With Orgonite Pendant - Recommendation


This reading includes a (Free) Orgonite pendant - which will coincide with your Astrological Birth Chart alignment.

 I will be looking into your chart for 1 hour prior to the reading to give a deeper depth and accuracy, exact dates to events regarding current issues, spiritual path, relationships, trauma, work, relationships, debts, cases, deep routed issues.

1 hour Reading - With Pendant

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