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The Water element pyramid, is combined with

calming, gemstones, at the based you find amethyst

Benefits ;
This orgone pyramids aids one in connecting
 with self love & friendships
& in some cases it helps unites relationships




The Fire element pyramid, is combined with

active, gemstones, at the based you find  Citrine,


Benefits ;
This orgone pyramids aids one in connecting
 with the sense of will power, action, threw creativity. it also
 benefits those
who tend to be lazy, as it gets you on your feet to act. it also
increases wealth. when combined with the earth element pyramid.





The Air element pyramid, is combined with adventurine,

& copper mental.

Benefits ;
This orgone pyramids aids one in connecting
 with meditation, and making the right decision
& in some cases it helps to open opportunities threw
this ability it aids in communication of any kind








The Earth element pyramid, is combined with

grounding, gemstones, at the based you find  shungite &

black tourmaline.

Benefits ;
This orgone pyramids aids one to be grounded
 it protects you from people whom tend to be draining
it helps vision, dream work. when combined 
with the air element pyramid. it helps one to become more






Electromagnetic Large Orgone Pyramid




The Large Electric pyramid, is combined with

mental,calmness gemstones, at the based you find ,

Rose Quartz and copper Tesla coil. at the top is Amethyst

.followed by a pointed quartz

Benefits ;
This orgone pyramid, is amplified to bring

deep clarity of mind

it is one for calming space

not only will it protect you from the radiation

but it will add to the transformational

energy of strength and clarity of mind



The Large Magnetic pyramid, is combined with

grounding & vision gemstones, at the base y

ou find  clear quartz with tesla coils

at the middle is black tourmaline. with a Tesla coils

at the top  is a pointed clear pointed quartz

Benefits ;
This orgone pyramids aids one to be in tune

with the earth, and gaining security

helping one to connect with the root of truth.

negative energy find it really difficult

to remain in its presence





the lapis lazuli REIKI orgone pyramid, connects with the overtone of the throat chakra, it helps with gastric, throat infections, calmness of mind and meditation.




the black tourmaline REIKI orgone pyramid, aids, and helps those who are undergoing a journey, and in need to connect with the earth, it helps with struture and grounding.



the Amethyst REIKI orgone pyramid is aimed at, clearing the mind, it works on an energetic level, by accessing the emotional waves and transmuting and subsiding thoughts, which dis-balnace the mind, it is very good for over thinkers 



the Carnelian Quartz REIKI orgone, uplift the spirit if the will is down, it is recommended to hold a  quartz to bring steadiness and strength, it can also increase the vibration of peace in the home.








2 Large Electric & Magnetic Pyramids

4 small Element Pyramids

6 home solution stick


suggestion of placement application ;

Living room

the living room, is the place of activity and main attention where everyone
unites the large electric pyramid will be best placed in the centre


the bed room, is the place of peace and quietness, the magnetic Large pyramid will brings
peaceful sleep and rest, and will help release unwanted emotions
to begin a new day.


the small, water element is ideal for the bathroom
as it relates to water aids release emotions to begin the day


the toilets, hold wealth in fenshui, I highly recommended the fire element
small pyramid,  to keep money circulating. Please make sure
the toilet seat are always closed


  • food needs to be made wisely, and carefully you are what you eat, and my suggestion
  • is the air element small pyramid, which aids in keeping the kitchen healthy and not allowing unwanted
  • ingredients into you food.
  • Door way

    may your door way be protected from unwanted guess place the earth element small pyramid near
    by your front door
    solution stick
    place on all electrical equipments for best results.


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