re-shaping your mind can only be done now ! and if you dont shape your state of
mind now when will it happen ? ....

humanity is in trouble, you must use all tools and technique in your appearance to shift
your mental state and paradigm

after identifying endless research I've come up with the orgonite Scalar LAPIS - Zulu - my point is if your
higher truth does not serve you, then lapis lazuli can assist you !

can the orgonite scalar Zulu pendant help ?

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we decide to upgrade, our orgonite pendants too a limited edition that can help you shape a new state
of BELIEF The highest of gems that resonates with this is lapis lazuli.


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The ingredients

The orgonite Scalar zulu, is made with Lapis lazuli, Shungite, tourmaline, tiger eye, specks of pyrite, scalar wave, copper and 24k gold bits. the first benefits of this necklace is that it will protect you from harmful radiation and increase your vital energy. lapis & shungite both have pyrite so it will promote iron content and help oxygen levels. copper & gold inside this necklace will cleanse the blood. Lapis lazuli will protect the throat, and help assign truth, wisdom and understanding towards any task, or thing that you perform.

 Please watch the video to better understand why we have chosen these specific stones and metals. Our aim is to help humanity grow in the most subtle way and we hope that you will work alongside with this necklace to help insist your growth, in relationship to anything that you are trying to achieve

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