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orgonite does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work ! They remove negative energy & Heal you ! find out what orgone real is..... below

PROOF that Orgone Energy WORKS! Orgonite, naturally produces Feng Shui & increases PSYCHIC abilities, via crystals, Gemstone & metal shavings opening deep REIKI abilities.

How to protect myself  ?

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What is Orgone ?

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  Orgone Pyramid 24K GOLD , Crystal Gemstone, Pyramid Reiki Feng Shui, SO POWERFUL (#160791229835)
Positive feedback rating Amazing! My plaints LOVE the energy! A+++
  Orgone Pyramid 24K GOLD , Crystal Gemstone, Pyramid Reiki Feng Shui, SO POWERFUL (#160791229835)
Positive feedback rating well packaged, arrived in good condition , very happy , many thanks
  Orgone Pyramid 24K GOLD , Crystal Gemstone, Pyramid Reiki Feng Shui, SO POWERFUL (#160791229835)

What Is The Scalar Pendant ?

The scalar pendant has a certain effect on, the body which enables it to feel at ease, the most powerful way it occurs is the combination of black tourmaline, & orgonite gemstone, which enables the mind to focus into deep meditation.

orgonite is a matrix mixture of quartz crystals, resin & metal shavings, the Scalar pendant we custom make is unique  to our discovery which has combined nikola tesla formula  of  the tesla coil with the mixture of the orgone generator which wilheim reign introduced to help treat his patience from uncured diseases. Many people wear these alternative energy tools to improve health. Another benefits of the Orgonite is that it increase the sense of wellbeing.

OUR ORGONE SCALAR PENDANT is the NEXT THING ! because its all about what is inside them.

Scientific approach of the orgone & scalar Pendant

William goodman introduced a new pendant concept called the ''SCALAR ORGONE PENDANT''. By closely investigating the motion of scalar wave and orgonite together which produces a different form of frequency which interacts with the body, by producing not only energy and welbeing, but an unusual sense of happiness within. The scientific term for the scalar orgone pendant is quantum science. Which produces quantum energy, scientifically this wave produces negative ions, which, enables charge of positive energy to penetrate the body once it interacts on a skin level. The orgone scalar pendant does not require belief in order to work. It is a natural energy pendant which produces vibration.

Free Energy & the science of zero point scalar energy

Orgone energy, is ionising radiation which permeates the atmosphere with positive energy constantly the energy never seems to dissipates. It only seems to accumulates peaceful vibration, our orgone pyramids, not only have the power to permeate the atmosphere but are also infused with shungite powder,  which creates total groundiness all around your aura, studies have also shown that simply having a orgone necklace with shungite in it will reduce the feeling of being spacey. 

Acknowledge the power of this massive orgone built on the leo new moon, and Aquarius full moon when the thunder storm striked !!!  click here to watch full video




What is Orgone?

Orgone energy is the life force energy, which surrounds all life form when  active. Orgone Pyramids Naturally attracts Positive Etheric energy  then converts the negative orgone into positive  ions.

From wilhelm Reich’s research evolved orgonite; a resin/metal matrix with an addition of crystal(s).With the ability to efficiently collect, transmute and emit etheric energy. Creating a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient DOR→POR (negative to positive) energy transmutation factory. When orgonite is within range of a source of DOR/negative energy, it will efficiently and continuously transform it into POR/positive energy as it is being transmitted, which essentially creates positive energy transmitters out of any and all emitters of harmful negative energy.

How Does Orgone Benefit Me?

  • enhances, awareness visualization, intuition psychic abilities.

  • promotes natural health, concentration, & spiritual growth.

  • creates calmer home and environment.

  • purifies & detoxifies water. 

  • transmute negative energy / converts to positive energy.

  • creates & balances your own natural energy.

  • enhances plants to grow.

  • neutralize harmful effects of ELF & EMF radiation.

  • enhances happier moods very noticeable.

  • promotes dreams /lucid dreams/ O/B experience.

  • clear's negative entities

  • helps reach higher vibration of energies

  • helps cleanse the chakra's.

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Spiritual approach of the orgone

Orgone can be tested by simple spiritual means regardless of any spiritual faith or background it is totally scientific & spiritual by nature.

1.       The first approach is dowsing using a pendulum, you will notice how the pendulum will begin to rotate or spiral.

2.       The second approach is to choose an orgone pyramid pointing the sharp edge towards the thumb, and you will begin to feel a tingly effect slowly building inside your body this can be done with any of the Egyptian pyramid of light or crystal orgone pyramid on the website.

3.       Using the power of fengshui you can also place the pyramid to the centre of a room, you will notice within hours to a few days a sense of free energy, relaxing feeling in the home.











Proof Why Orgone Energy & Scalar WORKS !!!


orgone does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work. this is not a religion, a cult, or a product of disinformation IT WORKS ! . This has nothing whatsoever to do with the ''newage movement''. 

Animals love the presence of an orgone pyramids. Cats especially have an attraction to orgonite.  I have heard reports of birds, deer and other wild animals coming when these devices have been placed in backyards.Its also nice to see other plant experiments furthering the proof of the power of these wonderful orgone pieces!


These articles were featured in the international news media FORTEAN TIMES

Examples of things that emit harmful radiations are cell phone towers (these companies go over their legal FCC radiation limit EVERY DAY), HAARP, satellite dishes, radar, wi-fi, wi-max, and telecommunication towers. Cell phone towers are pulsed at anywhere from 3 KHz to 3,000GHz moving at the speed of light according to the FCC. Even televisions and computer monitors are pulsed typically from 60Hz(same as the electrical energy grid) to 480Hz.


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Having an angel pendant, naturally connects you with your spiritual guide. The scalar pendant has 4 main arc angels including St Michael for protection. This beautiful jewelry is written in ancient jewish Hebrew letters, which withhold a deeper vibration of the angel.  When wearing the scalar orgone pendant, it will begin to eradicate any evil eye projection, the energy behind this pendant is made of natural accruing crystal stones. It is said to be a lucky charm & can be carried in a pocket or hang bag, or can be carried around the neck  because of its medical benefits when wore around the neck it must touch the skin to gain its powerful healing benefit as a crystal necklace. It is very healing and combines powerful gemstones.


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Ammonite protection pendant 
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Orgone Key Ring 
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Orgone Amethyst Pendulum 
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Orgone Lapis Pendulum 
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Orgone Chakra Wand 
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Copper neodymium Bracelet 
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Titanium germanium bracelet 
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Protective Tools Volume 1


Bio Scalar Energy Card 
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Shungite phone protection 
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Orgone Key Ring 
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Alkaline Water Flusk 
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Energy Drink & Water Coaster 
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Protective tools Volume 2


Magnetic - Tourmaline Underwear Magnetic - Tourmaline Panties
Our Price: 12.99
Our Price: 12.99
Shungite Scalar Soap NANO-SILVER Whitening Toothbrush
Our Price: 4.99
Our Price: 9.99
iBeauty Nano Handy Mist Spray Magnetic Insoles
Our Price: 11.99
Our Price: 9.99


Protective Tools On The Go


Bio Scalar Energy Card
Our Price: 4.99
Shungite phone protection
Our Price: 4.99

Orgone Key Ring
Our Price: 8.99

Black tourmaline keyring for protection 
Bioexcel Premium Scalar Ionic Energy Nano Wand
Our Price: 19.99


Orgone Egyptian Rods
Our Price: 34.99

zapper orgone - killing parasites in the body
Our Price: 99.99

Fire Element Copal Orgone Frankincense stick (powerful)
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